Wild Tiger Health Centre


Below is a list of specialists who have contributed or reviewed the information and data in this website

Alexandra Tomlinson

Wildlife Vets International - Veterinary partner

Amir Sadaula

Head Veterinarian - Chitwan National Park, NTNC, Nepal

Bongot Huaso Mulia Radjagoekgoek

Job Title

Douglas Richardson

Independent Zoo Consultant

Ekaterina Blidchenko

TRNGO “Center for Rehabilitation of Tigers and Other Rare Animals” , Alexeevka, Russian Far East

Irina Korotkova

Head of Centre for diagnosis of wild animal disease, Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy, Russia

Jane Hopper

The Aspinall Foundation, UK - Head veterinarian

John Goodrich

Panthera - Chief Scientist and Tiger Program Director

John Lewis

Wildlife Vets International - Senior veterinary partner

Jon Hanger

Endeavour Veterinary Ecology - Director

Linda Kerley

Amur Tiger Project , ANO AMUR - Manager

Martin Gilbert

Cornell University, Wildlife Health

Md. Mahbubul Alam

WIldTeam, Bangladesh

Mikhail Alshinetsky

Moscow Zoo - Chief veterinarian

Misha Gonchuruk

Primorski State Academy of Agriculture; ZSL-Russia; TRNCO Tiger Rehabilitation Centre

Richard Harvey

Wildlife Veterinarian

Sanath Muliya

Project Scientist Dept. of Population Management, Capture and Rehabilitation, Wildlife Institute of India

Stuart Patterson

Royal Veterinary College, UK